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Summer Staff Positions
Counselors have primary responsibility for the health, safety, fun, and personal development of eight to eleven campers each session. Counselors teach and/or assist with activities throughout the day based on their skill set and the needs of the camp, and sleep in the cabins or lodges with their campers at night.

In addition to living in cabins and caring for campers, they will also be responsible for the equipment and instruction associated with the activities in which they teach or assist. Some Counselors are invited to attend pre-camp area training in activity areas such as waterfront (lifeguard and either sailing, boat-driving, or canoeing), ropes course, equestrian, or international cooking/crafts provided that they have relevant background and experience in one of those areas. A few Counselors serve as "leads" for particular activities such as Lead Magician or Lead Outdoor Living Skills (aka "OLS").

Eligibility: Counselors must be at least 18, although most are 19-22 and have finished at least one year of college. Counselors must attend Staff Training week and are typically at camp all or most of 8 camper weeks. There are over 100 Counselors on staff each summer making up approximately 2/3 of the overall summer staff.
Assistant Counselors
Assistant Counselors spend part of their day supporting the camp program (assisting in activity areas, helping in the camp store, etc); around 6-7 hours each day in food service including food preparation, serving, and cleanup; and part of their day participating in camp activities with the campers in their cabin (going to dances, talent shows, evening competitions, etc.).

ACs sleep in cabins or lodges as a third staff member. ACs are invited to attend as much of the staff training week as they are available. They are also eligible to join in to the area training week for lifeguard, ropes, sailing, and other specialized trainings as well provided that they have relevant background in one of these areas.

Eligibility: At a minimum, AC's must have completed either their senior year in high school or the Sandy Hill CIT and JC programs. Most AC's are 17-19 years old. AC's are required to commit to at least 5 of the 8 weeks of the summer although most are here for the whole summer. Most AC's also need to be available to work during the four two-week weekends during the summer. There are approximately 20 Assistant Counselors on staff each summer.
Support Staff
Support staff play a significant role in the camp program. Typically, support staff members sleep in cabins* and assist the counselors in caring for the campers. The following support staff positions are offered:
  • Medical Assistant - transport campers and staff to medical services, administer medications, provide first aid, and assist with medical documentation
  • Camp Photographer - capture photos of campers and staff in all of their activities
  • Camp Videographer - capture and edit video of activities at camp
  • Program Staff - skits, voice performance, band, audio/visual support
  • Office Assistant - answer phones and emails, run errands, and do general office work
  • Maintenance Staff* - grounds, landscape and building maintenance
  • Assistant Cook* - assist with preparation of camp meals
  • Security Staff* - nightly security and facility checks
  • Housekeeping Staff* - regular cleaning of bathrooms and meeting spaces
         * these positions are not required to live at camp
Medical Administrator The Medical Administrator is responsible for all of the administration and logistics associated with camper and staff medical needs. This includes camper and staff health form records, tracking and analyzing health visits, restocking health center supplies, filing of required reports, training of medical assistants, coordinating licensed medical staff, and communicating with parents. The Medical Administrator is not required to live on site although housing can usually be provided. The Medical Administrator typically commits to serving multiple years in this role.

Licensed Medical Staff Two licensed medical staff live at camp each week. Licensed Medical Staff are typically parents of campers that work one or two weeks of the summer. Applicants interested for the entire summer are welcome too. Applicants must be either a Registered Nurse, Nurse Practitioner, Physician's Assistant, or Physician. Physician's and PA's should hold a Maryland license. RN's and CRNP's are not required to have a Maryland License. Housing is provided. Medical staff are primarily responsible for first aid and medication administration. Medical Staff can either be paid directly or send their camp-aged children in exchange for their services. Interested applicants should contact the Sandy Hill Office for more details.

Leadership Staff
The leadership staff are primarily previous Sandy Hill Camp summer staff. In total, they make up about 10% of the overall summer staff.

Unit Leaders serve as the front-lines support, mentor, and advocate for the staff and campers of a specific age group. They are responsible for leading the day to day operations of their counselors and campers. Unit Leaders live in the cabin area in effort to build meaningful relationships with their unit.

Area Directors  Positions are offered in each of the following areas: Creative Arts, Equestrian, Sports, Ropes, Waterfront, Program, and Medical. Area Directors oversee the program and staff for a specific activity area of camp. Responsibilities include: designing and implementing safe, high-quality instruction and activities for campers; supervising and mentoring a staff of college-age students; and maintaining the area’s equipment and facilities. Hours for most positions are Monday thru Friday from 8 am to 6 pm from early June to mid-August. Hours and dates can vary by position. There is some flexibility in dates and times, and some additional hours may be required. Housing and food are provided. Those who live locally can also choose to commute daily. Most Area Directors have completed college and commit to their roles for multiple summers.

Two-Week Director The Two-Week Director works directly to support the unit leaders, staff and campers in the two-week unit. They have additional administrative duties as well. The Two-Week Director is the "acting Camp Director" on two-week camper weekends both at camp and at off-site trips. Housing is provided for position is provided outside of the cabin area.

Program Directors  Program Directors are responsible for the coordination of daily camp activities and evening programs. They run meals, plan weekly themes and skits, take attendance and facilitate evening programs. Although they play an active role in facilitating the day-time activity periods, their primary focus is the execution of evening activities. Housing is provided for the Program Directors outside of the cabin area.

Kitchen Directors Kitchen Directors are responsible for the training, supervision, and mentoring of the Assistant Counselors (ACís) and Counselors with Kitchen Training. They work alongside the these staff in the kitchen for one shift per day - either Breakfast-Lunch or Dinner-Snack. Housing is provided outside of the cabin area.

Junior Staff Directors Junior Staff directors are responsible for the training, supervision and mentoring of the Counselor-in-Training (CIT) and Junior Counselors programs. Read more about the Junior Staff Training Programs at Sandy Hill Camp.

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