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Expectations and Values
Behavioral Expectations - "The Staff Standards"
The main reason that we run our camp is to have the opportunity to positively impact the lives of our campers and fellow staff members. With this as our goal, the most important thing you can do as a counselor is be a great role model. The kids will remember you far longer than they'll remember waterskiing, the ropes course, or our great skits. We have established these minimum guidelines for how we treat and encourage our campers and our staff:
  1. Clean language, free of profanity and questionable topics
  2. A positive attitude toward Sandy Hill, my work, co-workers, superiors, and campers
  3. Pro-active and gossip-free problem solving - If I have a problem or if I am upset about something, I will speak directly to the person involved
  4. Kindness, gentleness, and forgiveness to all
  5. An alcohol-free, smoke-free, and drug-free lifestyle
  6. An excellent work ethic: timeliness, responsibility, a positive attitude, and excellence in whatever I do
  7. Good sportsmanship
  8. Respect for God's creation (people of all races, ages, and abilities; the environment, plants and animals
  9. Cleanliness - personal hygiene, neatness, and organization
  10. Never being alone with just one camper
We take these standards very seriously, and we believe that they create an enriching and caring environment for the staff and the campers to grow, learn, and enjoy together. If you aspire to these standards, and you want to spend your summer around great people who are trying to be their very best, then Sandy Hill is for you.

The Impact of Our Christian Values on Camp Life
Our camp is designed for campers of all races, cultures and religions. The camp directors and many of the staff are Christians. However, there are staff and campers from many religious, racial, and cultural backgrounds every year at camp. You do not need to sign a statement of faith or believe any certain doctrine in order to be on our staff. Our program is activity based. There are no camper Bible studies, sermons, religious services, etc. As a staff, we do pray for the kids and the camp often, and we are serious about modeling a values-centered lifestyle to each other and to our campers.

As for what the campers see directly, we say a blessing at meals in an ecumenical way. Campers staying for a two-week session can also choose to participate in a weekend worship service at camp.

For the staff, we pray each morning during the staff meeting. Optional staff worship services, Bible studies, and prayer groups are offered throughout each week and are led by staff. Attendance at these staff gatherings is not required or tracked.

We're sharing this with you in case this affects your decision to join our staff. There will not be any religious pressure put on any campers or staff at camp, but we strive to present a Godly example to our campers and each other.
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